Frequently Asked Questions:


Please note this event is on a private property , We have Covid 19 Safety Plans in place for Campground , Function Center , Wedding Venue. All COVID-19 Safety procedures must be adhered to or guests will be asked to leave. This is not a festival it is held on a private campground and is a dinner show. 


Is this event BYO?

No - As we have an On Premise Licence alcohol can be purchased from the bar, once the bar closes you can purchase drinks to have after this time. You may want to bring a small cooler

Do I Bring my own Chair? 

Please bring your own chair for around the fire pit 

What time is Check in and Check out? 

Check is  from 3pm

Check out is by 10am Midweek                  11am Weekend


Can we take photos with the artists? 

Yes however - We ask for social distancing and for everything to help stop the spread and stop any social media backlash we have three options.


  • Have the artist once side of a fire pit and you the other (you can be hugging you partner or travel buddy. 

  • You  and or your group stand one side of the fireside sign and the artist the other

  • The artist is sitting where they are performing and you are a safe social distance away from them.

Will the artists be staying with us?

It is not expected but they are welcome to, if they can they do intend to. Travis has confirmed he will be on site for both events the whole time and is looking forward to experiencing Tamworth with you and showing you some of his favorite places/ 

Will we be able to purchase Merch and artist Merch?  

Fireside Merch needs to be pre ordered by 9th September - There may be some available at the venue but it is unlikely 

Artists will have Merchandise / albums available and you can get them signed. 

How far are the toilets/Showers from the tent?

Most tents will be within 250 meters of the bathr


Is there merchandise?

Yes this can be pre purchased only on our online shop


What Covid Safe policies to I have to agree to?

  • Temperature will be checked on arrival

  • You will have to check in

  • Only pre registered / pre booked guests may attend.

  • Social distancing applies

  • If the event is cancelled due to Covid – 19 or any Government restrictions a full refund less a $25 unrecoverable fee applies.

  • By The Fire pits and at dinner you can only request to sit with people in your reservation or if approved by both parties.

  • You can have up to 10 at one firepit but must be in the same reservation otherwise social distancing would allow up to 6 at a firepit 

  • If you have a firepit close to the front one night we ask you to change to a different firepit on the following night

  • Prior to showering you must disinfect the bathrooms and also again after use

  • No Standing or gathering in groups

  • Walk ways are to be used to and from the bar, bathroom etc. No standing and mingling 


What Should I bring?

  • BYO Nibbles

  • BYO Campchair

  • BYO Towels

  • BYO Water Bottles - RECYCLE REUSE 




Link Your Bookings:

To be able to book with or near your friends please make sure our team are aware you would like to be near them and also if you would like to reserve dinner space with them. Maximum of 10 in one reservation for meals.


What Meals Are included:


Tuesday Night                                  Individual plate of canapes & roast with vegetables

Wednesday Breakfast                       Bacon & Egg Roll, Coffee & Tea

Wednesday Night                             Damper and Fireside Braised Beef Stew in red wine

Thursday Breakfast                          Bacon & Eggs , Coffee & Tea

Thursday Night                                Roast & Sweets

Friday Breakfast                               Bacon & Egg Roll , Coffee & Tea




Friday Night                                      Individual plate of canapes & roast with vegetables

Saturday Breakfast                            Bacon & Egg Roll, Coffee & Tea

Saturday Night                                  Roast & Sweets

Sunday Breakfast                             Bacon & Egg Roll , Coffee & Tea


*Please note all meals are served seated.

The Private Property in Tamworth is:

Tangaratta Vineyard

140 Old Winton Rd

Winton, Tamworth NSW


Any questions please contact our team

1300 236 594